Tea pot, small size



Handmade in Morocco by artisanal silversmiths using traditional methods and materials.

At 13 oz, perfect size for personal use.

The intricate hand embossed design motif accentuates any room in your home, creating a warm and inviting presence with a hint of Moroccan flair.

Tea pots such as this are a symbol of the Moroccan traditions, an important possession for every household.

This traditional style of teapot is used by Moroccans to consume tea at any hour of the day, accompanying practically all meals and encounters, formal or informal, served for kings and peasants alike.

The offering of a glass of green tea with mint is a symbol of hospitality.

Weight: 0.4 lb

Size: Height of 6.5″, and bottom diameter of 3″

Capacity: 13 oz


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