Because of our love of the Amazigh culture, we dedicate this marketplace to the Amazigh people. Our products are proudly made by the indigenous Amazigh handcrafters of North Africa. Our products are made with a crafting wisdom that is passed from a generation to a generation by small family owned shops.

“Amazigh” means ‘a free man’ in Tamazight language spoken in North Africa. People who have traveled to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya would have had experienced the warm hospitality, culture and food of the indigenous north Africans; and ancient traditions dating back to the Roman era. Today, the Amazigh culture is being revived and a new awakening is happening throughout North Africa.

Our Mission

This store presents to the American shopper some hand picked items that celebrate the Amazigh culture at reasonable prices. Most of the up-mark is due to the bottleneck in handling and shipping items from North Africa. By buying from us, you are not only supporting us a small marketplace, but you are also supporting our small shop Amazigh owners.

Customer Satisfaction

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with a product, we will do our best to address it. Note, however, that most items are hand-made and have not gone through any rigorous QA as expected at large companies. However, we take responsibility of our own shortcoming if the customer is unsatisfied, and will do our best to make you come back to shop from us.

FREE shipping on $100+ orders

We are happy to offer complimentary standard shipping on all $100+ (before surcharges) orders going in the USA.

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