Amazigh Bendir



This circular drum traditionally called deff or tara or bendir in Arabic and allun in Berber. This drum is played by the Berbers in the Atlas Mountains and all over Morocco during special occasions. It’s all handmade from wood covered with goatskin on one side. On the inner side, this drum has snare strings to create a buzzing sound. Its wooden frame has an opening in its side for the thumb for easy holding with the left or right hand. It is nicely hand decorated with henna. The motifs you see on the drum have strong meanings in this particular part of Africa. The hand of Fatima symbolizes protection against evil eye and bad luck, to the left of the hand is the Berber AZA which is the letter “Z” in the Tamazight (Berber) alphabet. It is also the symbol of the Amazigh (Berber) identity, the indigenous people of North Africa. To the right of the hand is the Amazigh (Berber) fibula, singular for fibulae (or broaches). Fibulae are practical and are worn by Berber women to hold their wrapped toga-like garment together at their shoulders
14″ in diameter
4″ in height
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