The Famous dish exclusive to Marrakesh

Marrakesh is known as a captivating touristic destination not only in Morocco but worldwide. Among what it offers is the unique and rich history of the city, and a delicious cuisine. One famous dish that Marrakesh is known for is called Tangia.

Moroccan food enthusiasts are familiar with the staple of Moroccan cuisine, the Tagine; the classic slow cooked Moroccan meal prepared in a cone shaped clay pot of the same name.  The city of Marrakech has its own signature slow cooked dish in Tangia.

Just like the Tagine, Tangia is cooked in a ceramic dish that is also called Tangia and is exclusive to Marrakesh. Tangia is an urn-shaped terra cotta cooking vessel.

The main difference is that Tangia is often cooked inside a communal furnace oven or buried in a fire-pit and earth and let cook for many hours.

To make Tangia, chunks of beef or lamb – with all the fat, bone marrow and trimmings left on – are slow cooked with chopped preserved lemon, coriander, parsley, garlic, onions and a pinch of cumin and saffron.

Unlike the Tajine which can incorporate many combinations of ingredients, the Tanjia recipe must be cooked in the Tanjia pot the traditional way with very basic ingredients.

While families across Morocco might make their own “Tangia Marrakchia” (Tangia of Marrakesh) by taking a ceramic pot to the communal ovens at the heart of any medina, the authentic lunchtime stands are only found in Marrakesh. 

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